ELA 20 – Object of Significance

  • Think of an object that you own (or used to own), to which you have (had) a sentimental attachment.
  • Write a paragraph describing that object. (What does it look like? Has it taken any damage? Is it worn out or like new? What are its dimensions? How does it feel or smell? Etc.) We have spent a week honing our skills in descriptive language, listening to the examples of others, and 
  • Write a second paragraph explaining why you have such a strong attachment to it. (What is the story to accompany the object?) This can include, but is not limited to, when and where you received it, from whom, and why, in the time since, it has come to mean so much to you.

Your paragraph should be at least five sentences long. Grammar and spelling always matter. When you have finished your two paragraphs, partner up with a student in the class and complete the “Be a Good Critic” worksheet. On Friday we will be typing our good copies.

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