ELA B90 – The Outsiders Chapter 10, 11, & 12 Questions

Vocabulary: Find the meaning for the following words and write one paragraph that uses all 6 words correctly.

  • Acquitted
  • Bewildered
  • Reckless
  • Towheaded
  • Foster
  • Liable

Chapter 10

  1. How does Pony’s dreaming, or lying to himself, finally work in this chapter?
  2. What does Ponyboy mean when he says “It was only yesterday… but yesterday was years ago. A lifetime ago”?
  3. Why was Johnny’s dying so difficult for Dally to handle?
  4. Why do you think Dally would have wanted to die?
  5. Why does Ponyboy want to know if he asked for Darry when he was sick?

Chapter 11

  1. Explain why Pony might rather have anyone’s hate than their pity?
  2. What do you think is going on with Ponyboy when he says, “Johnny didn’t have anyhing to do with Bob’s getting killed”?
  3. What is significant about Darry calling Ponyboy “little buddy”?

Chapter 12

  1. What ‘circumstances’ do Ponyboy’s teacher refer to? What circumstances does Ponyboy think his teacher is referring to?
  2. Why doesn’t Ponyboy feel scared when the Socs approach him and he threatens them with a broken bottle? How is this a dramatic change from the Ponyboy we have seen up until this point?
  3. What does Darry mean when he says, “you don’t just stop living because you lose someone”?
  4. How do we know Sandy didn’t love Soda as much as he loved her?
  5. Explain how Darry and Ponyboy play tug of war with Soda.
  6. What do we learn was so special about Johnny?
  7. What does Ponyboy end up doing for his English assignment?


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