Native Studies – Questions for Reading

Please answer the following questions, using the handout from yesterday’s class.

  1. What is a biome/ecozone?What are the different biomes/ecozones that exist in Canada?
  2. In which biome do the Inuit people live? How did their environment affect their way of life? How does the group survive?
  3. In which biome did the Cree live? How did the Cree survive? On what do their stories focus?
  4. Describe the way of life of the Ojibwa? How are they different from the aforementioned groups? What does patrilocal mean? What does matrilocal mean?
  5. How did the Great Lakes transitional region affect the way of life of the Odawa and Huron peoples? What did the groups have in common, and in what ways were they different?
  6. How did members of the Blackfoot Confederacy survive? What was their most important resource? Why did they live in larger groups?
  7. What do the stories of the Blackfoot Confederacy tell us about them?
  8. How are the Haida people different from the other groups discussed in this chapter?
  9. Why did social development vary across the Americas?
  10. Look up the definition of egalitarian. How did the egalitarian belief of social organization benefit the whole? Explain what the leaders were like in these egalitarian societies?
  11. How were leaders selected?
  12. Why were Europeans impressed with indigenous communities? Why were the First Peoples not impressed with the Europeans?
  13. How are chiefdoms different from other examples of social organization? Where in Canada did they develop?

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