ELA 20 – Lyrical Analysis

Remember, you are analyzing lyrics, and not the song itself. The beat/melody doesn’t matter. The words do. Each of these questions is graded on a scale of 0-3, for a total of 18 marks. Please answer in complete, thoughtful sentences.

  1. How is the poem written? (Consider the number of stanzas, the rhyme scheme and the rhythm as well as any poetic devices or figures of speech. Any notable features are worth mentioning.)
  2. What does the poem say? (Provide a detailed summary of the thoughts in the poem. Does it tell a story? If so, what? Basically, you are paraphrasing and putting the poem into your own words.
  3. What words and lines are memorable? (Or rather, what words in the poem hit you and make it meaningful, and, as always, why? Isolate interesting vocabulary and define in addition to recording lines which are meant to capture the reader.)
  4. What truth exists in the poem? (Relate ideas in the poem that remind you of your own experiences or something you have seen. What is/are the theme(s) of the poem? What is the author trying to tell us?)
  5. Why did you choose this song? (What makes it stand out to you? What is your personal connection to the work? What  makes it better than the literary titans we have been reading thus far?)
  6. Do you think this work will stand the test of time? Why or why not? (What makes it better than the literary gems that you consistently complain about in our class?)

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