ELA B90 – Shakespearean Sonnet Presentation

William Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets. Your task is to memorize and present one of these, as well as explain the meaning of the poem. You cannot do the same sonnet as somebody else; this is handled on a first-come, first -served basis. You must have your sonnet chosen by the start of class tomorrow at the very latest. Presentations will start next week.

  • Memorize and present a Shakespearean sonnet.
  • Must be word for word. Should be fluent.
  • You will apply our 4 questions about poetry to the work. Explain how it is written, including what literary devices he uses; provide a summary of the thoughts in the poem (in other words, put it into your own words; note what words and lines you find memorable; and finally, explain in a well written and detailed paragraph what the poem means: what is the theme? What is Shakespeare’s purpose in writing the poem?
  • Presentation graded on volume, body language, fluency, total memorization.
  • Bonus mark for English accent.
  • Paragraph graded on spelling/grammar, thoughtfulness, clarity of ideas.

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