ELA 20 – Literary Character Interview

CC20.2 – Create visual or multimedia presentations using dramatization or role-play, including a presentation of an interview of a literary character from a First Nations, Metis, Saskatchewan, Canadian, or international text.

For this assignment you can work individually, or you can work in groups of 2-3.

You are to stage an interview with a character from the novel Lullabies for Little Criminals. The purpose of this interview is to demonstrate an understanding of the character, including their idiosyncratic behaviours, values, likes and dislikes, how they would react to certain events, etc.

The interviewer is in charge of obtaining pertinent information from the interviewee, prepare questions that explore the character and his/her conflicts, ask relevant and open-ended questions, and use tactful wording. The interviewee is to bring the literary character to life, stay in character, and demonstrate an understanding of the character.

Your interview should be a MINIMUM of three minutes. You should have a script, regardless of how you decide to present your interview.

You can either present your interview live, or you can film it. It is up to you to decide what the purpose of the interview is (job interview, entrance interview in University, interrogation, social services, etc.)

You are to be assessed on creativity, understanding/insight, presentation/staging, characterization, and the mechanics of your script.


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