ELA 20 – LFLC Final Quiz


“I just want to be a good kid.” (270)

“we both did it for the same reason…because we were both fools who were too fragile to be sad, and because no one was prepared to give us a good enough reason not to do it.” (287)


  1. Discuss Jules. Mention his age, occupation, personality, interests and in what ways he is a good father and in what ways he could be considered a bad father.
  2. Baby spends some time in a group home (with Isabelle in Val des Loups), in a foster family (with Mary in Montreal) and some time with her dad in various different apartments in Montreal. Discuss the good aspects and the negative aspects (from your point of view) of each of these placements.  Conclude with your opinion on which was the best environment for Baby and justify your answer.
  3. How and why does Baby get involved with Alphonse? Describe how their relationship began and evolves (changes as time progresses).  Do you think at any time that they were in love or were they both using each other? (and if so, for what, and how?)


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