Native Studies 10 – Final Project

Your final project will serve as your final assessment for marks for Native Studies 10. As noted in the course outline, this assessment is worth 15% of your grade.

The idea is that you should produce some work/project that is reflective of the things you have learned in this class, or that pursues some area of interest to you. Some examples/ideas are:

  • Indigenous history timeline
  • Art project/visual representation (painting, drawing, diorama, sculpture, etc.) (*must include artist statement including relevance/meaning)
  • Essay (research, argumentative/persuasive, comparative, or personal)
  • Digital media project (short film; photo series; narrated slide-show; blog for historical figure; )
  • Creative writing (mythology, diary entries, letter to politician, short script, fiction)
  • Comic book/Picture book
  • Presentation
  • Make your own exam (must have multiple parts; can’t be all T/F or multiple choice)

There is no uniform grading rubric, except that it should be related to native studies in some way, and, ultimately, because this is heavily weighted, it should demonstrate a remarkable effort. This will be our principal concern for the next two weeks; the work produced should reflect this time frame.

In addition to the project, you should also write a 1 page reflection on the class, including what you’ve learned; in what way the class has changed your thinking or ideas about certain topics or issues; in what ways you thought your contributed to the class in a positive ways; in what ways you could have improved, or things you will work on for next semester/school year.

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