ELA 20 – LFLC Final Quiz

QUOTE ANALYSIS - WRITE ON EITHER ONE “I just want to be a good kid.” (270) “we both did it for the same reason…because we were both fools who were too fragile to be sad, and because no one was prepared to give us a good enough reason not to do it.” (287) ESSAY QUESTION - WRITE … Continue reading ELA 20 – LFLC Final Quiz

ELA 20 – Literary Character Interview

CC20.2 - Create visual or multimedia presentations using dramatization or role-play, including a presentation of an interview of a literary character from a First Nations, Metis, Saskatchewan, Canadian, or international text. For this assignment you can work individually, or you can work in groups of 2-3. You are to stage an interview with a character … Continue reading ELA 20 – Literary Character Interview

ELA 20 – Unit 1 Review

The following terms should be mastered for the test: Noun (pronoun, proper noun, common noun) Verb Coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS) Adverb Setting Theme Characterization (direct, indirect) Character Types (dynamic, round, static, flat) Point of view/narrative perspective Metaphor Simile Personification Diction Foreshadowing Symbol/symbolism Types of conflict Climactic Structure (exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, denouement, resolution) The … Continue reading ELA 20 – Unit 1 Review

Hills Like White Elephants (1927)

  Themes: Choices, Communication, Identity, Alcohol.   Explain the setting (time, place, circumstances) and its significance. Describe the characters.  What type(s) of conflict exist in the story? What literary devices does Ernest Hemingway use? Locate as many as possible. Are there any symbols in this story? (Hint: yes) What could be symbolic, and what is … Continue reading Hills Like White Elephants (1927)