Native Studies 10 – Final Project

Your final project will serve as your final assessment for marks for Native Studies 10. As noted in the course outline, this assessment is worth 15% of your grade. The idea is that you should produce some work/project that is reflective of the things you have learned in this class, or that pursues some area … Continue reading Native Studies 10 – Final Project

ELA 20 – LFLC Final Quiz

QUOTE ANALYSIS - WRITE ON EITHER ONE “I just want to be a good kid.” (270) “we both did it for the same reason…because we were both fools who were too fragile to be sad, and because no one was prepared to give us a good enough reason not to do it.” (287) ESSAY QUESTION - WRITE … Continue reading ELA 20 – LFLC Final Quiz

ELA 20 – Literary Character Interview

CC20.2 - Create visual or multimedia presentations using dramatization or role-play, including a presentation of an interview of a literary character from a First Nations, Metis, Saskatchewan, Canadian, or international text. For this assignment you can work individually, or you can work in groups of 2-3. You are to stage an interview with a character … Continue reading ELA 20 – Literary Character Interview

ELA B90 – The Outsiders Chapter 10, 11, & 12 Questions

Vocabulary: Find the meaning for the following words and write one paragraph that uses all 6 words correctly. Acquitted Bewildered Reckless Towheaded Foster Liable Chapter 10 How does Pony's dreaming, or lying to himself, finally work in this chapter? What does Ponyboy mean when he says "It was only yesterday... but yesterday was years ago. … Continue reading ELA B90 – The Outsiders Chapter 10, 11, & 12 Questions